Rising Gang Violence in Haiti's Capital Leads to Multiple Fatalities and Chaos

Rising Gang Violence in Haiti's Capital Leads to Multiple Fatalities and Chaos 

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Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, has been subject to an unprecedented wave of gang violence that has now reached its affluent neighborhoods, leaving at least a dozen people dead and instigating fear in previously peaceful areas. The early Monday assault saw gunmen invade and loot homes in Laboule and Thomassin, compelling residents to abandon their homes and seek safety.

The aftermath of the attack left a grim picture in nearby Pétion-Ville, with the bodies of at least 12 men scattered on the streets. The sight of their relatives among the deceased caused emotional distress among several onlooking residents, with outcries for intervention reverberating across the city.

The recent attacks stoke fears that the current wave of violence won't subside, despite Prime Minister Ariel Henry's announcement that he would step down once a transitional presidential council is established. This move was a direct response to the gang's demands. However, the formation of the council has been delayed due to power struggles among political factions, with one group entirely rejecting the plan.

Gangs have been vocal critics of Henry, attributing him to the worsening poverty conditions. However, these armed groups face accusations of attempting to overthrow the government for their benefit or that of anonymous Haitian politicians.


The capital city of Haiti has been gripped by a surge of violent incidents, including a fire at the main prison, which had been evacuated of inmates, and an attack on the residence of the national police chief. Haiti's power company recently reported the destruction of four substations, resulting in widespread power outages across Port-au-Prince. The company also reported the theft of crucial documents and equipment.

In response to escalating violence, the Haitian government has extended a night-time curfew until March 20. Meanwhile, a planned deployment of a UN-backed Kenyan police force to combat the gangs in Haiti has been postponed until the establishment of the transitional council.

The escalating violence has prompted a mass exodus of US citizens from Haiti. A government-chartered flight carrying over 30 US citizens arrived in Miami on Sunday, following the US embassy's advice in Port-au-Prince for US citizens to evacuate "as soon as possible.

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