Russia and China Criticize US for Middle East Strikes

Russia and China Criticize US for Middle East Strikes

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Russia and China have condemned the United States for its recent airstrikes on targets in Iraq and Syria. The two countries accused the US of increasing the risk of regional escalation and suggested that the strikes were motivated by President Joe Biden's upcoming election.

At a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Russia, which has faced criticism for its invasion of Ukraine, requested the session after the US conducted multiple strikes on Iran-aligned targets. These attacks followed a drone strike on a US base in Jordan that resulted in the deaths of three soldiers.

Russia's UN Ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, alleged that the strikes were a display of US military power and an attempt to influence domestic politics. He also claimed that the attacks demonstrated Washington's disregard for international law and accused the US of trying to involve Middle Eastern powers, including Iran, in a regional conflict.

Syria, an ally of Russia, joined in pointing out the potential domestic political motives behind the strikes. Damascus rejected the use of states as a platform for US election campaigns and criticized the display of brute force that undermines collective security.

China also condemned the attacks, with its ambassador echoing concerns about escalating tensions in the region. He stated that while the US claims not to seek conflicts, its military actions only stoke turmoil and intensify tensions.

Iran's ambassador criticized the US for violating international law and called the attacks a "desperate attempt" to divert attention from the root causes of regional turmoil, particularly Israel's US-backed war on Gaza. He rejected claims that Iran's bases in Iraq and Syria were targeted, considering them unfounded and a distraction from US aggressive actions.

The US justified the airstrikes, stating that they targeted sites linked to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which supports like-minded political and armed groups in countering US influence. Iran maintains that its supported forces operate independently and denies involvement in the attack on the US base in Jordan.

While the US faces criticism for its actions in the Middle East, it's worth noting that the United Kingdom has also been involved in launching attacks on Yemen, where the Iran-aligned Houthi movement has disrupted global shipping routes in an effort to stop Israel's war on Gaza.


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