North Korea to Face Consequences for Assisting Russia with Weapons, UK Warns

North Korea to Face Consequences for Assisting Russia with Weapons, UK Warns

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UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has stated that North Korea will face consequences for its support of Russia, following the US accusation that Moscow used missiles supplied by Pyongyang in its conflict with Ukraine.

"The international community has turned its back on Russia, pushing Putin to seek assistance from North Korea to sustain his illegal invasion," Shapps declared on Friday. "By doing so, Russia has violated multiple UN Security Council resolutions and jeopardized the security of another region. This must cease immediately."

On Thursday, the White House revealed intelligence suggesting that North Korea had recently supplied Russia with ballistic missile launchers and several ballistic missiles, some of which were used by Russian forces to launch an attack on Ukraine on December 30.

The UK's Foreign Office strongly condemned Moscow, branding the use of North Korean weaponry as "indicative of Russia's isolation on the global stage and a sign of its desperation." The actions are also viewed as a violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions, which Russia supported as a permanent member.

London has also called on North Korea to halt its arms supply to Russia.

Relations between Moscow and Pyongyang have grown closer in recent months as Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks allies on the international stage. Last year, reports emerged that North Korea had been shipping significant amounts of ammunition to Russia, including one million rounds of artillery.

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