Miracle Escape for Passengers After Horrific Runway Crash at Tokyo Airport

Miracle Escape for Passengers After Horrific Runway Crash at Tokyo Airport

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On Tuesday, January 02, 2024, a horrific runway crash occurred at Tokyo's Haneda airport, resulting in a miraculous escape for all crew and passengers onboard a Japan Airlines (JAL) flight. The collision, which took place between an Airbus A350-900 and a coastguard plane, tragically claimed the lives of five crew members of the coastguard aircraft. This article provides a detailed account of the incident, the evacuation process, and the ongoing investigation into the cause of the collision.

The Collision and Escape

JAL flight 516, carrying 379 passengers, including eight children, and 12 crew members, collided with a smaller coastguard plane on the runway at Haneda airport. The collision occurred as the JAL Airbus A350-900 was landing and the coastguard aircraft was preparing to take off.

Immediately after the collision, the JAL jet burst into flames, engulfing the aircraft. However, the captain skillfully brought the burning plane to a stop, allowing the passengers and crew to evacuate. They swiftly exited the smoke-filled cabin by sliding down inflatable slides located at the front of the aircraft. This escape has been described as a "miracle" due to the successful evacuation of all individuals onboard.

Injuries and Casualties

While the passengers and crew managed to escape, 14 individuals suffered minor injuries, including burns to the throat, during the evacuation. Four of them were taken to the hospital for further treatment. Tragically, five out of the six people onboard the coastguard plane, a De Havilland Canada DHC-8, lost their lives in the collision. The captain of the coastguard aircraft sustained injuries but managed to escape the inferno.

Eyewitness Accounts

Passengers on the JAL flight shared their terrifying experiences following the collision. Social media footage captured the flames at the back of the plane as it continued down the runway after the impact. The cabin crew worked diligently to keep the passengers calm, guiding them through the dark and thick smoke using torches. Some passengers reported feeling the cabin filling with smoke and hearing shouts of "It's on fire!".

Investigation and Cause

The cause of the collision is currently under investigation by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, as well as the National Transportation Safety Board. The focus of the investigation will be on the communication between air traffic control and the planes involved. It is possible that miscommunication regarding the designated runway may have played a role in the collision.

The runway crash at Tokyo's Haneda airport resulted in a miraculous escape for all passengers and crew onboard the Japan Airlines flight. Despite the tragic loss of life among the coastguard plane's crew, the successful evacuation of the JAL aircraft has been hailed as a miracle. The investigation into the cause of the collision is ongoing, with a focus on communication between air traffic control and the planes involved. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of aviation safety and the dedication of airline personnel in ensuring passenger well-being.

Source : News Agencies 

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