Last Living Survivor of USS Arizona Passes Away at 102

Last Living Survivor of USS Arizona Passes Away at 102

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The nation mourns the loss of Lou Conter, the last living survivor of the USS Arizona, who passed away at the age of 102 following congestive heart failure. Onboard the battleship during the infamous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Conter endured the horrors of December 7, 1941 and went on to dedicate his life to service.  

As a quartermaster on the USS Arizona, the young Lou Conter witnessed the bombing of the naval base with his own eyes. In a devastating attack, a bomb penetrated the Arizona's armored sides, igniting over 1 million pounds of stored explosives and sinking the battleship within minutes. Of the 1,177 crewmen that perished, Conter was among the mere 335 who survived the inferno.  

Despite facing the horrors of war at a young age, Conter continued serving his country with valor. He went on to train as a naval aviator, carrying out over 200 combat missions in the Pacific. Even after being shot down, Conter displayed courage and leadership in ensuring the survival of his crewmates.

After the war, Conter became the Navy's first survival training officer, passing on his expertise to help others survive captivity. Throughout his long life, he remained dedicated to educating the public about the Pearl Harbor attacks and honoring the memory of those lost.

At 102, Lou Conter lived a full life and witnessed history, but he carried the scars and memories of that fateful day at Pearl Harbor until the end. With his passing, he takes with him a piece of our nation's history from the Greatest Generation. While we mourn his loss, Conter's legacy of service and resilience will inspire Americans for generations to come.

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