Controversial Titanic Door Prop Sells for $718,750

Controversial Titanic Door Prop Sells for $718,750

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The controversial door prop from the 1997 film Titanic, which sparked debates about whether both Kate Winslet's Rose and Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack could have fit on it, has recently been sold at auction for an impressive $718,750. The piece of prop balsa wood, which was actually part of the door frame above the ship's first-class lounge entrance, was clung onto by the central couple as the ship sank. However, they soon realized that there was only enough space for one person, leading Jack to sacrifice his life for Rose.

In 2022, director James Cameron conducted a scientific study to address the ongoing speculation about whether Jack's death was necessary. The study involved a thorough forensic analysis and testing with stunt people of similar body mass to Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The conclusion was that there was no way both characters could have survived, reinforcing the idea that Jack's sacrifice was a crucial element of the movie's theme of love and sacrifice.

The auction where the Titanic door was sold also featured other notable Hollywood props. Some of the key lots included Winslet's chiffon dress from the film's finale, which sold for $125,000, Indiana Jones's bullwhip from The Temple of Doom, which sold for $525,000, and Jack Nicholson's axe from The Shining, which sold for $125,000. Additionally, Bill Murray's red rose bowling ball from Kingpin fetched $350,000, and Tobey Maguire's black symbiote suit from Spider-Man 3 sold for $125,000.

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