Biden Expresses Frustration with Netanyahu, Calls for Urgent Meeting

Biden Expresses Frustration with Netanyahu, Calls for Urgent Meeting

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Joe Biden's frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has become more apparent, with the US president caught on a hot mic stating that he and Netanyahu need to have a "come to Jesus meeting." The comments were captured after Biden's State of the Union address and indicate the growing tensions between the two leaders.

The conversation took place between Biden and Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennet on the floor of the House chamber in Washington. Bennet congratulated Biden on his speech and urged him to address the growing humanitarian concerns in Gaza with Netanyahu. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg were also present during the brief exchange.

Biden, referring to Netanyahu by his nickname, stated, "I told him, Bibi, and don't repeat this, but you and I are going to have a 'come to Jesus' meeting." However, an aide standing nearby discreetly alerted Biden that the microphones were still on, prompting him to acknowledge the situation and express his satisfaction with the candid remark.

The ongoing crisis in Gaza, coupled with strict Israeli control over aid trucks, has resulted in severe food shortages for the entire population, as reported by the United Nations. Officials have been warning for months that Israel's actions are pushing the region toward a famine.

Biden has become increasingly vocal about his frustration with the Netanyahu government's reluctance to open more land crossings for critically needed aid to enter Gaza. In his recent address, Biden emphasized the importance of humanitarian assistance and urged Israel to prioritize it, even as they continue their efforts to combat Hamas.

"To Israel, I say this: humanitarian assistance cannot be a secondary consideration or a bargaining chip," stated Biden, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the suffering in Gaza.

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