Ex-Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby's Mortgage Fraud Case Reaches a Mixed Verdict

Ex-Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby's Mortgage Fraud Case Reaches a Mixed Verdict

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The mortgage fraud trial involving Marilyn Mosby, the former State Attorney for Baltimore City, concluded with a divided jury verdict on Tuesday. The 44-year-old was found guilty on one count of submitting a fraudulent mortgage application related to a holiday property she bought in Long Boat Key, Florida. This was confirmed in a press release issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

However, Mosby was cleared of a similar charge linked to another vacation residence she acquired in Kissimmee, Florida. In a statement, U.S. Attorney Erek L. Barron acknowledged the court's decision and commended both the defense and prosecution for their robust legal representation. He reaffirmed their commitment to upholding the rule of law.

Mosby's Past Legal Troubles

Mosby has had previous legal encounters. In January 2022, a federal grand jury indicted her on charges related to loan application fraud and perjury, stemming from a COVID-19 financial hardship withdrawal. She was later convicted on two counts of perjury in a separate trial in November 2023.

The jury concluded that Mosby had not encountered financial hardships during the pandemic, despite receiving her full gross salary of approximately $248,000 in bi-weekly direct deposits of nearly $9,200 from January 1, 2020, through December 29, 2020.

Mosby served two terms as Baltimore's state's attorney from 2015 to 2023, before losing the Democratic primary to Ivan Bates.

Details of the Mortgage Fraud

Federal officials disclosed that Mosby misrepresented that she had received a $5,000 gift from her husband, which was to be used towards the $428,400 mortgage for a condominium in Long Boat Key, Florida. This was intended to secure a lower interest rate.

Evidence presented during the trial revealed that Mosby did not receive the $5,000 gift from her husband as claimed. Instead, she transferred $5,000 to him, and he subsequently transferred the same amount back to her. This was according to the DOJ press release.

Mosby is yet to be sentenced for the two perjury convictions, each carrying a maximum sentence of five years. She also faces a potential 30-year sentence for the fraudulent mortgage application.

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