Austrian Heiress Launches Groundbreaking Initiative to Redistribute £21.5m Inheritance: The Good Council for Redistribution

Austrian Heiress Launches Groundbreaking Initiative to Redistribute £21.5m Inheritance: The Good Council for Redistribution

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Vienna, Austria - Marlene Engelhorn, a 31-year-old Austrian millionaire and descendant of Friedrich Engelhorn, the founder of BASF, is on a mission to distribute her staggering €25m (£21.5m) inheritance from her late grandmother, Traudl Engelhorn-Vechiatto. In a groundbreaking move, Engelhorn has devised a unique solution that involves Austrian citizens participating in an initiative known as the "Good Council for Redistribution."

Engelhorn, who inherited her fortune in September 2022, recognizes the privilege that comes with unearned wealth and wants to ensure that her inheritance benefits society at large. "I have inherited a fortune, and therefore power, without having done anything for it," she confessed. "And the state doesn't even want taxes on it."

To facilitate the redistribution, Engelhorn randomly selected 10,000 individuals who were invited to apply for the opportunity to join the Good Council. Ultimately, 50 individuals will be chosen to participate and share their views on how the inheritance should be utilized.

Engelhorn believes that these discussions will serve as a "service to democracy," allowing ordinary citizens to have a say in how wealth is allocated. "I have no veto rights," she emphasized. "I am putting my assets at the disposal of these 50 people and placing my trust in them."

Participants selected for the Good Council will receive a stipend of €1,200 for each weekend they attend the deliberations. In addition, childcare services and interpreters will be provided to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all participants.

Engelhorn's initiative highlights her concerns about the failures of politics in addressing wealth inequality. "If politicians don't do their job and redistribute, then I have to redistribute my wealth myself," she stated. "Many people struggle to make ends meet with a full-time job, and pay taxes on every euro they earn from work. I see this as a failure of politics, and if politics fails, then the citizens have to deal with it themselves."

The Good Council for Redistribution aims to foster a collaborative environment where participants can propose innovative ideas to address societal challenges, such as education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation. Should the 50 individuals fail to reach a widely supported decision on the allocation of funds, Engelhorn has committed to finding alternative ways to distribute the inheritance effectively.

Engelhorn's initiative is a testament to the power of citizen engagement and the potential for individuals to drive change. By taking matters into her own hands, she hopes to inspire others to question the status quo and actively contribute to creating a more equitable society.

Join the movement today and follow the inspiring journey of the Good Council for Redistribution as they redefine wealth distribution and empower citizens to shape their own destinies. Together, we can build a future where everyone has a chance to thrive.

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