Thailand Moves Forward: Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage on the Horizon

Thailand Moves Forward: Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage on the Horizon

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In a groundbreaking move towards marriage equality, Thailand gears up to legalize same-sex unions, marking a significant step for LGBTQ+ rights in Asia.

Thailand's cabinet recently greenlit a progressive bill set to legalize same-sex weddings, presenting an amendment to the Civil and Commercial Code. The proposed change involves substituting traditional gender-specific terms like "men and women," and "husband and wife" with more inclusive terms such as "individuals" and "marriage partners." This progressive shift is anticipated to pave the way for marriage equality and is scheduled for parliamentary review this month.

Moreover, Thailand is aiming for an inclusive legislative alteration, planning to amend the country's pension fund law to formally acknowledge and support same-sex couples. Currently, only Taiwan and Nepal stand as Asian nations recognizing same-sex marriage.

Despite Thailand's reputation as a LGBTQ+-friendly destination, the journey towards marriage equality has been a prolonged one, marked by legislative hurdles and debates. However, the current government, having campaigned on this crucial issue, is poised to rejuvenate efforts and ensure the passage of this landmark legislation.

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