Chelsea Win UEFA Champions League for 2nd Time

Chelsea Win UEFA Champions League for 2nd Time

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The last time a mono-national Champions League final took place was two years ago, and it was also two British teams who competed for the title. On that occasion, the final match was between Liverpool and Tottenham, ending with a score of 2:0 in favor of the Reds.

London, UK's football club Chelsea has won the 2020/21 Champions League by beating Manchester City in the championship's final.

The game, which took place on Saturday in the Portuguese city of Porto at Dragao stadium, ended with a score of 1: 0 in favor of the Blues. The only goal was scored at the 42nd minute by German attacking midfielder Kai Havertz.

In the first half, the Blues were forced to make a substitution, taking away the injured Thiago Silva from the field. He was replaced by Andreas Christensen. A substitution was also needed by Manchester City, which sent Kevin de Bruyne to the bench, replacing him with Gabi Jesus.

The chief referee of the match, Mateu Lagos, added seven minutes to the total time of the second half, giving Manchester City an opportunity to recoup the goal scored by the Blues.

Chelsea have won the Champions League for the second time in their history. The Blues previously won Europe's biggest cup in 2012.

Over the past month and a half, Manchester City have played twice against Chelsea and suffered two defeats - on April 17 in the FA Cup semi-finals (0-1) and on May 9 in the domestic Premier League (1-2). 


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