Germany Confirms Leaked Conversation on Taurus Missiles and the Crimean Bridge in Ukraine Conflict

Germany Confirms Leaked Conversation on Taurus Missiles and the Crimean Bridge in Ukraine Conflict

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Germany's defense minister has revealed that a military conference call discussing Ukraine was intercepted by Russia due to an individual error. The breach occurred when one of the generals dialed in using a non-secure line, potentially violating security protocols. The 38-minute phone call, held over the platform WebEx, was leaked by Kremlin-controlled TV, exposing sensitive information about military tactics and operations involving Germany, its European allies, and the US.

The defense minister emphasized that the interception was not the result of an individual Russian spy, but rather a random sweep of insecure data during the Singapore airshow. The participant's use of a non-secure connection from his hotel room provided the vulnerability, contravening strict security guidelines. Germany is now taking technical and organizational steps to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Despite widespread criticism and embarrassment over the leaked call, Germany's partners have expressed continued trust in the country. They have affirmed their unity and determination not to be divided by Russia's actions. The interception is seen as part of Russia's strategy to sow discord and drive a wedge between European and US allies.

The intercepted call revealed discussions about military strategies, including the use of Taurus missiles and the involvement of British troops in Ukraine. The leaked information has raised concerns and led to interpretations by Russia as a direct plan by Germany to attack Russia, potentially escalating into a full-blown war.

Germany's defense ministry emphasized that its communication system had not been compromised and that WebEx, despite its vulnerabilities, is used for certain conversations with an additional level of security. The ministry is conducting forensic investigations into the equipment used by the participants and considering disciplinary actions.

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