Europe Must Prepare for Looming War, Urges Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk

Europe Must Prepare for Looming War, Urges Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk

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In a recent interview, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk issued a stark warning, urging European nations to prepare for a potential conflict. Tusk emphasized the urgent need for increased defense investment, cautioning that Europe is entering a "prewar" era and highlighting the continent's lack of readiness. He stressed the real and ongoing nature of war, which he claims began over two years ago. Tusk's comments came in the aftermath of a Russian missile breaching Polish airspace during a major attack on Ukraine, prompting heightened readiness in Warsaw. Ukrainian officials reported large-scale Russian missile and drone attacks targeting energy infrastructure.

Tusk has been using his platform to add a sense of urgency to Europe's debates about defense and aid to Ukraine, amid concerns about the future of American assistance and defense industrial capacity. He emphasized the need for tangible support over mere rhetoric, stating, "True solidarity with Ukraine? Less words, more ammunition." Additionally, Tusk called for urgent assistance for Kyiv, asserting that the next two years of the war would be decisive, marking "the most critical moment since the end of the Second World War."

Expressing concern over the potential scenarios, Tusk emphasized the need for mental preparedness for a new era, the "prewar era." He also highlighted the Russian president's attempts to justify increasingly violent attacks on civil targets in Ukraine without evidence. Tusk, a veteran politician who has previously served as president of the European Council and leader of the center-right European People's Party, has sought to improve Warsaw's standing in the EU and the transatlantic alliance.

In a recent social media post, Tusk underscored the importance of cooperation between Poland, Germany, and France, known as the Weimar Triangle. Despite tensions between Warsaw and Kyiv over Ukrainian food imports, Tusk has worked to smooth over differences, emphasizing the strength of their friendship.

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