2034 FIFA World Cup Saudi Arabia - Fifa Urged to Act to Prevent Worker Deaths Tainting Another World Cup

2034 FIFA World Cup  Saudi Arabia  -  Fifa Urged to Act to Prevent Worker Deaths Tainting Another World Cup

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Human rights organizations are sounding the alarm over the potential for another World Cup to be marred by the deaths and suffering of low-paid workers if Fifa fails to take decisive action to address the widespread abuse of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. With Saudi Arabia poised to host the 2034 tournament, concerns have been raised following a Guardian investigation that uncovered a significant number of unexplained migrant worker deaths in the Gulf kingdom.

The director of global initiatives at Human Rights Watch, Minky Worden, emphasized the need for Fifa to prioritize the well-being of migrant workers, highlighting the potential human rights risks associated with awarding mega-events without proper due diligence and transparency. The Guardian's investigation revealed a high number of unexplained deaths of migrant workers from Bangladesh in Saudi Arabia, raising serious concerns about the living and working conditions endured by these workers.

The pipeline of workers from Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia is expected to surge if the country is selected as the host of the 2034 World Cup, akin to the heavy reliance on migrant workers witnessed in Qatar. Despite some limited labor reforms in recent years, the risks faced by low-wage migrant workers are likely to escalate should Saudi Arabia secure the World Cup hosting rights.

Amnesty International has urged Fifa to ensure that Saudi Arabia complies with human rights and labor standards, emphasizing the need for credible guarantees to protect workers' rights. The organization has called for transparency and thorough investigations into all workplace incidents, particularly in cases of "unexplained" deaths, to safeguard the welfare and rights of all workers in the kingdom.

The potential hosting of the World Cup by Saudi Arabia has sparked intense scrutiny and raised questions about the country's ability to fulfill its human rights commitments. The lack of a competitive tender and the expeditious bidding process have prompted concerns among human rights groups, with calls for Fifa to halt the process if serious human rights risks are not credibly addressed.

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